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During these times of global warming, heat waves and skin cancer, it is unthinkable that we still develop gardens with insufficient protection against the sun.

We all know that it is important to get our children to spend more time away from the television and computer… Get them outside! Plant a big tree, build a tree house, create shade to play in!

More than 80% of all trees we sell were destined to be destroyed … now you can benefit from this while doing your part for saving a tree and creating a greener future.

Tired of noisy neighbours?
Need some privacy?
Big trees are your solution…

Trees are very effective screeners and probably the best way of softening hard and unsightly concrete structures. Big trees help to curtail a lot of dust and noise while creating a feel of softness and tranquility. Trees attract birds, bees and butterflies while providing shade and shelter to shade loving and frost sensitive plants

Now nobody is too old to plant a tree and ….enjoy the shade

Plant a tree today…Enjoy the shade today !